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The approach we take in consultation and therapy, is called Reality Therapy. Reality Therapy is based on Choice Theory, a systematic explanation of how the human mind works. According to Choice Theory, all human behaviors are chosen in order to fulfill innate human needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.

Reality Therapy is a method of assisting individuals to have better control over their lives. It aims to help individuals identify what they want and what they need; this is followed by assisting them to assess and evaluate how they can achieve what they want realistically.

Before the end of each session, there will be positive planning to help individuals regain control over their lives, at the same time work towards their wants and needs realistically. The outcomes of the therapy sessions are better human relationships, better self-confidence, increased positive motivations and a concrete plan for living a more effective and happier life, with better control. The therapy sessions essentially provides individuals with a self-help tool to use every day to cope with challenges and to grow positively.

Some of the philosophical underlying tenets of reality therapy are as follows:

  1. All human beings are responsible for their own behavior. They make their own choices either consciously or unconsciously
  2. Every individual can change and live more effective lives
  3. All persons can fulfill their basic needs, mentioned above, without being victims of external forces or waiting for someone else to change first
  4. Each person behaves and make choices purposefully to modify their environment to get what they want to fulfill their basic needs mentioned above


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