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Changing life with Choice Theory

Choice Theory: Putting it all together

Choice Theory: Needs… We’ve all got them

William Glasser: The man and the message

Schools without failure: Glasser Quality School

Beautiful quotes from the books of Dr. William Glasser in a video. His vision was “To teach the world Choice Theory

Enhancing Instruction: Teaching in the Quality Classroom – A 3rd Grade Teacher shares what she does in the classroom with her students

Choice Theory in Motion – How the brain works

Why Do Children Do What They Do? by Nancy Buck, Developmental Psychologist, Faculty Member, William Glasser Institute – US

Choice Theory in the Classroom

Positive Addictions

Reality Therapy with Children

Reality Therapy for Addictions

WARNING!!! Psychiatry can be hazardous to your mental health 

Choice Theory in Mental Health

Introducing Dr William Glasser

Don’t lose your child

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