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What kind of marriages lead to divorce? Over 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce! Beware of the “Big 5” Marriage Mistakes or Traps That Lead To Divorce.

How To Be Happy? It’s An InsideOut Job!! Here’s 7 steps to happiness, all within a person’s control.

School learns and employs Choice Theory to increase overall students’ performance.

Choice Theory: Happy Relationships – Our need for love and belonging is the most important one. Satisfying this specific need will guarantee our ability to fulfill all other needs. The source of all problems in the world, is disconnection. Behavior problems, mental illnesses, violence, abuse, crime, school problems, marriage breakdown, relationship challenges, and depression are all a result of our inability to connect or feel love and have a sense of belonging.

Any teacher will tell you that successful teaching is “all about the relationship”. It is part of the job as a teacher to be in the Quality World of the pupils. If the teacher is not in the student’s Quality World, the teacher would not be influential as the teacher at all. Top 10 tips for teachers to get into your pupils’ Quality World.

Classroom Application Choice Theory: Glasser identified two types of classroom teachers: boss teachers and lead teachers. Boss teachers are described as being more traditional. They utilize the rules and consequences method to structure instruction… The Choice Theory believes in having lead teachers. Lead teachers base their instruction on the basic needs of the students. Choice Theory describes the Basic Needs which provide the foundation for all motivation.

Discovering Human Happiness: Choice Theory Psychology, Aristotelian Contemplation, and Traherne’s Felicity. Although Choice Theory is helpful to our understanding of human functioning, it is an incomplete view of human nature. To be a more complete theory of human nature, Choice Theory psychology needs to expand its metaphysical view of human nature.

Choice Theory and Spirituality – Our ability to live well and choose well, in alignment with God’s will for us, springs out of our mind and heart.

Choice Theory in the Classroom from a Biblical Perspective by Chris Sequeira, a teacher who teaches math, health, and out- door life skills at Livingstone Adventist Academy in Salem, Oregon.

Glasser Approach to Couples Counseling

Choice Theory saved my marriage. The only person whose behavior I can control is my own.

Choice Theory and Addiction: Another important idea in choice theory is that addictions and most forms of mental illness are caused by unhappiness. Alcohol and drug abuse occur because of the choices people make… it is up to the individual to take responsibility for their actions so that they can rectify the situation. If one can find a path that will provide them with happiness they will easily be able to break away from their addiction. Reality therapy is advocated as a way to help the individual discover this path to happiness.…/motivation-and-choice-theory/

Mindfulness and the Practice of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

Using Choice Theory with Children. The options are up to you, but the child gets to choose. However, be ready to accept the child’s choice as final, assuming that it is appropriate.

Choice Theory

Teenagers, Cigarette and Choice Theory – There are so many good ways to plan and organize a learning unit for Teenagers and Smoking – One way would be to organize essential questions around the four parts that Glasser always covered when he lectured – the basic needs.

Teenagers, Cigarettes and Choice Theory

“A need is a strong desire we can’t live without. It is not a preference. It is not a want (many times it is subconscious and we are not even aware of it). It is something that is so strong that it functions as a prerequisite for our emotional functions.”

School Violence from William Glasser’s Perspective: The key to reducing violence is to do what I believe can be done in every school – reduce the number of unhappy students.

Teaching Tip using CTRT

Choice Theory: Parenting – In parenting, it is important we take control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions and even on the physical reaction we have to stress. Kids do not make us angry and stressed. It is our choice to think and react in that way. We can always choose to be different parents.

Trilogy on Reality Therapy: The American Psychological Association has published the trilogy on reality therapy authored by Bob Wubbolding. The first component is the counseling DVD with a real client. The second component is the book Reality Therapy: Theories of Psychotherapy Series. The third component is a chapter in a book of readings.

Choice Theory and Spirituality – Our ability to live well and choose well, in alignment with God’s will for us, springs out of our mind and heart.

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