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Faculty Program 3: Senior Faculty Course

The minimum requirement for commencing on this course is that candidate must have a Masters Degree and have taught at least ten Basic Trainings, and half of which have been conducted alone.

There are TWO phases to this course:

  1. A CD audio recording
  2. A DVD of role-plays and self-evaluations

Phase 1

Candidate needs to complete the Application and forward payment to The Institute. The candidate needs to then prepare a 40 minute CD and have it reviewed by a current dues-paying and active Senior Institute Faculty Member who is teaching Advanced Trainings in the same country. The candidate will be asked to name this Senior Faculty Member on the Application Form.

Phase 2

After the CD has been reviewed by the Senior Faculty Member, the candidate could go forward to create a good quality DVD of two 20 minute role-plays with one voluntary and one involuntary client followed by a self-evaluation of the role-plays. Have a different senior faculty member (one who is current, active and teaching Advanced Trainings in the same country) review the DVD. If this senior faculty member recommends the next step to be taken, the candidate is required to submit his or her comments along with a copy of the DVD. Upon your completion of one or more Advanced Trainings within a one year period after achievement of senior faculty status, The Institute will reimburse the candidate with a stipend.


For the complete Course Details, please feel free to download the document from William Glasser International here.