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Faculty Program 2: Basic Instructor Course

Once the candidate has achieved the status of Advanced Practicum Supervisor, the candidate can attend this Faculty Program to become a Basic Instructor. This course consist of four phases – preparation, training, practice and endorsement.

Preparation Phase

Prerequisites: The candidate is an approved Advanced Practicum Supervisor who has completed at least one practicum in its entirety. He or she needs to sign a contract with his or her Faculty Program Consultant (FPC), and subsequently, submit a Letter of Intent indicating the desire to attend.

Objective: It is expected that the candidate competently present or teach, develop materials and activities, and conduct role plays.

Training Phase

Prerequisites: The candidate has organized and co-facilitated at least one Basic Intensive Training one year preceding this phase. Prior to registering for this phase, the candidate and the FPC need to complete the Checklist of Competencies to verify the candidate’s skills level acquired during Preparation Phase.

Objective: It is expected that the candidate competently conduct and teach with role-plays, and demonstrate good questioning techniques and managing skills .

Practice Phase

Objective: It is expected that the candidate co-facilitates a minimum of at least two Intensive Trainings, preferably with two different instructors. In order to be eligible for Endorsement in the next phase, the candidate needs to work with the FPC to co-verify competencies and skills required for entry into the final phase of the program. It is important that the Checklist of Competencies is completed together and signed by the FPC as verification of skills.

Endorsement Phase

Objective: It is expected that the candidate is able to demonstrate competency to lead a Basic Intensive Training and effectively represent The Institute. It is also expected that the candidate is able to blend skills, theory and practice of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management.


For the complete Course Details, please feel free to download the document from William Glasser International here.