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CTRTC Phase 2: Advance Certification Course

The second phase of the Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Certification is going through the Advance Certification Course*. This phase also has two stages:


Stage 3: Advanced Intensive Training (Duration: 32 hours • Fee:$850/$800(EB) • Prerequisite: Completed Basic Practicum) – Close

Stage 4: Advanced Practicum (Duration: 6 months** • Fee:$400 • Prerequisite: Completed Advanced Intensive Training) – Close

The focus of the Advance Certification is Application. Participants need to be able to use the learning into new situations. They need to be able to analyze and apply the CTRT facts, concepts and ideas learned in Basic Certification in a different way.

The Advanced Practicum consists of at least 30 hours, of which 18 hours must be of face-to-face direct contact with the Practicum Supervisor.

*Advance Certification is conducted by a Senior Faculty Member
**Maybe longer depending on the readiness of the participant to move on to the next stage.