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Ivan Honey

IvanIvan has worked continuously as a psychologist in Victoria, Australia since 1978, and has extensive experience and skill in nearly all areas of professional psychology. As well as maintaining a range of private clients, Ivan now focuses on providing professional training and supervision, and works extensively in Bendigo, interstate and internationally. Ivan teaches in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and the United States. He is a Senior Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute, presenting at national and international conferences, and is a number one best selling author on Amazon with his storybook ‘The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster’.

Over the last 30 years, Ivan has presented on a wide range of topics in diverse organisations. As a member of the Australian Institute of Management and a regular contributor to business magazines, Ivan has provided professional development for managers, teachers, nurses, psychologists, counselors, welfare professionals and various management and board positions within a number organisations. Ivan is past president of the William Glasser Institute, Australia.

Professionally, Ivan worked as an educational psychologist until 1991 and has since managed a successful private practice. All staff at Ivan Honey and Associates were trained in the practice of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. Ivan works using Choice Theory and Reality Therapy as a basis for counseling and utilises hypnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy, existential therapy and evidence based approaches. He works with clients from Workcover and the Transport Accidents Commissions, Victims of Crime and Abuse, people going through crisis and adjustment issues, and relationship concerns. His focus is on moving beyond symptom reduction to assisting clients to develop the skills to build and maintain high levels of mental health and happiness.

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